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DrunkBabble's podcast

Jan 27, 2021

We Won The Lottery!!!!.....almost, listen to our live reactions, how we were almost billionaires and we talk about the Jake Paul Fight. 

Drunk Babble 5 1/15/21- Armie Hammer, Lebrom James, placing out and bad customer service

Jan 16, 2021

In this podcast we get into a little bit of everything from backing out to Lebron James, to even bad customer service. We want you to listen and tell us what you think! 

Jan 15, 2021

Welcome to the first podcast of Drunk Babble of 2021. We talk further about David Dobrik's scam puzzle, Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world, and we talk about jake paul too much because there's nothing else. Enjoy!